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Does LineAdvisor's analysis include any qualitative components?

No.  Raw and calculated statistics are at the root of every LA score or blended metric we employ in estimating lines or ranking teams. 

To clarify, we consider quantitative judgments to be those based exclusively upon dispassionate, rules-based use of numerical data.  The purpose of this approach is to target consistent results by applying a tested, odds-on methodology.

This would be in contrast to ‘qualitative' judgments, which are those based on subjective considerations.  Such could include both the subjective interpretation of numerical data, as well as all manner of condition-specific considerations, like motivation, weather, coaching quality, etc...the effect of which cannot be expressed numerically, or consistently judged, by any standard. 

If the limitation of a quantitative approach is the quality of the data set and calculation and testing ability of the individual, the limitation of a qualitative approach is the ability of the individual to weigh and apply his/her considerations consistently, and most importantly, to be correct in knowing ‘what matters' having no set framework for pre/post game analysis or historical back-testing.

It is a key concept that LineAdvisor's analysis and recommendations are exclusively rules-based and model-driven, because we doubt the consistency of people's subjective judgments.