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LA terminology

LineAdvisor assumes users have a moderate degree of familiarity with both wagering terms and concepts.  What follows is a glossary of terms one will encounter while navigating the site.

Picks pages terms (not all apply to each sport):  Anywhere  a term is preceded by an LA indicates this as a number projected by our model

ML – money line (for all sports)

RL – run line (for MLB)

PL – puck line (for NHL)

ML Odds – the winning percentage odds associated with a given money line dollar value

RL Odds – the winning percentage odds associated with a given run line dollar value

PL Odds -- the winning percentage odds associated with a given puck line dollar value

Spread – standard point spread, the most popular wager type in football and basketball


Metrics pages terms:

LA Rank – a weighted score which forms the backbone of LineAdvisor’s rankings and line evaluation for all sports.  While we hold our construction and application methodology secret, one can at least infer the relative ranks of teams by comparison.  The number can be either positive or negative…the higher the better, for in sports.

Proj – represents a shorter term, more volatile ranking metric.  It can be affected by things like short term statistical swings in terms of offensive/defensive production, or for short term winning/losing streaks.  It is also reflective of estimated jumps/drops in team performance due to the loss or return of key players.  For example, this metric would degrade, even before the next game is played, if Miguel Cabrera were to go on the DL for the Detroit Tigers.

Overachievers/Underachievers – These lists represent the differentials between teams’ current LA ranking, and their shorter term projected ranking.  Sometimes the difference is negligible, sometimes it’s more pronounced.  One aspect which is common across all sports, is that as the season progresses the differential between the two becomes smaller and smaller, until they essentially converge near the season’s end.