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LA Picks 'value' system

LineAdvisor assigns a value to picks for all sports by way of a ‘star’ rating system which uses the following scale:

*** -- Represents the absolute best odds-on value.  A conservative approach would be to follow only our 3-star projections.

**   -- Represents a moderate degree of value, worth playing if one wishes to be aggressive, or you already like a certain play on the basis of your own insights, and LA’s 2-star assessment therefore backs that up.

*     -- Represents a minimal level of theoretical value, too little to be worth the risk.  Better to look for better opportunities.

No Value – Represents exactly that, a line which we believe is essentially either (a) priced close to its fair odds value, or (b) does not conform to our level 2 betting logic.  These are generally left blank on our Projections & Picks tables.


At all times our projections are rated on an absolute basis…not a relative basis among the games for that day.  So for example, there may be no 3-star bets at all on a given day, or perhaps none at all for a certain sport.  This is because we have pre-determined criteria for what constitutes ‘value.’  So for example, a 2-star value on a certain day is not evaluated in relation to the other games that day.  Rather it’s a 2-star value because it meets a certain standard in and of itself.  As a result, one may sometimes see that LA doesn’t feel strongly about ANY games in a given sport on a given day.  Or the opposite could be the case, with lots of play recommendations.