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About LineAdvisor

LineAdvisor is a subscriber service which provides quantitative line analysis, uniquely assessed team and conference rankings1, and value-graded odds-based recommendations to the sports enthusiast community.  All metrics and picks are derived through a model-driven, quantitative process, bringing to bear the body of statistics our analysis has deemed most appropriate in each sport.  Our goal is to isolate circumstances we feel are odd-on probable, given match-up and other statistical dynamics (e.g. power rankings, injury impact, schedule anomalies, etc.), guiding subscribers via a value-grading system geared toward simplification.

Our projections incorporate both our betting logic, and our odds projection.  What this means is our approach is NOT simply to take the over-valued side of what we believe is fair value, because just as important to us is whether or not the line conforms to our wagering logic.  In other words, think of this concept as what we think the probability is of capturing whatever probability we've assigned to the line.

The goal of this secondary logic is to keep our subscribers away from blindly chasing over-valued but unlikely bets, ever-mindful that bettors have neither limitless capital nor limitless lifespans.

See our home page for further information, under "FAQ's."  

1 Conference rankings pertain to college football and basketball.