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Why Choose LineAdvisor?

Relevant Statistics

LineAdvisor analyzes a mountain of statistics to determine which factors are most relevant to formulating an 'odds-on' game assessment.


Enhanced Odds Evaluation

LineAdvisor is both an odds evaluation engine AND a betting logic, a two-layered decision model zeroing in on the very best risk/reward plays.


Value Graded Picks

LineAdvisor's consistent, rules-based discipline gives you clear, concise, metrics and value-graded picks.


LineAdvisor Tutorial

Click on the video below to see how it works

Frequently Asked Question

  • Why is this service unique?

    Sites offering all manner of statistical data covering teams and individuals, which while useful and endlessly interesting, serve essentially as reference tools from which the user must glean their own conclusions.

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  • LA Picks decision logic

    LineAdvisor's Picks recommendations are arrived at via the model's two-layered decision logic.

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  • Who is LineAdvisor geared toward?

    Those who already have their own informed opinions about which games or game information they believe to be of value, but who are looking for a filtering tool as a ‘second opinion' check against games they're prospecting.

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Real World Examples

SAMPLE of NFL Metrics 

  • The main table displays teams ranked by their composite "LA Ranking," along side their more volatile short term 'projected' ranking.
  • Beneath league commentary is a conference ranking, highlighting current leaders per conference.'
  • Teams On The Move' lists over/under-achievers, as ranked by differences in current ranks vs shorter term projections.
  • LA Rankings logic is explained beneath in depth.

SAMPLE of College Football Picks 

  • One screen, side-by-side view of composite Vegas lines offered, LA's line evaluation, and recommended picks.
  • Current spread, money line and total score projections encompassing the latest information are plainly presented.
  • Percentage winning and coverage odds are displayed in line with projected dollar and point values.
  • Recommended picks based on LA's two-layered evaluation model are value-graded according to LA's star system (see FAQ for details).



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